Take An Up-Close Look at Some Details of Avengers Campus Ahead of June 4th Opening

Avengers Campus will be opening in Disney California Adventure on June 4th. This will be a little over a month after Disney California Adventure reopened after being closed for over a year! When it reopens, guests will get to be immersed in the world of their favorite Marvel superheroes. Ahead of this marvel-ous day, Disney has released some up-close photos of some of the details that will be found in Avengers Campus when it opens.

One of the two entrances to Avengers Campus can be found by Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! There, the Collector, has his Fortress. According to the Disney Parks Blog, the Fortress was a late addition to the Campus by Taneleer Tivan. Found around the Fortress, there is the remnants of a cosmic disruption that was caused when Tivan placed the Fortress there. Whatever the cosmic disruption is, some of it has oozed to the surface in multiple colors that include blues, purples, and yellows that glow even in the daylight!

Terran Treats food cart has a collection of foods curated by The Collector. According to the Disney Parks Blog, this includes a “weird and wonderful menu of intergalactic eats” that includes Sweet Spiral Ration Churros and more! Expect the unexpected when getting food from Terran Treats.

Just across the way and around the corner from the Fortress is the Pym Test Kitchen. This features Impossible™ and is a food innovation science lab. Expect food and drinks to be a part of the storytelling process here. Especially as “Pym Particles” are used to grow and shrink things for guests’ culinary experiences. Pym Technologies utilize science to great pretzels that both grow and shrink as they pass through the quantum tunnel. Beverages and condiments will also be found changing size. The picture above shows part of the area above the beverage and condiment station.

Over at Avengers Headquarters, the Quinjet can be found on the roof. The A of the Avengers can be found on the roof and around various parts of the building. When Avengers Campus opens this summer, don’t be surprised if you see Avengers springing into action from HQ.

This is the Orb of Cagliostro. This is known to be particularly active at night when flowing with magical energy. It can be found in the overgrown ruins of an Ancient Sanctum. According to local lore, there have been rumors of unexplainable events and energies that seem to come from this location. This is also where Doctor Strange shares mysterious secrets and ancient, magical artifacts can be found.

What was formerly Stark Motors can be found towards the front entrance of Avengers Campus near the main entrance. In the 1940’s, Tony Stark’s father built an automobile factory here. Years later, Tony Stark transformed the factor into the Worldwide Engineering Brigade – also known as WEB. Here, Stark has brought young and bright innovators to create inventions to empower everyday people to be superheroes! Peter Parker is one of these innovators that Stark brought to the location. It is worth noting the difference in style between what WEB does and what the Avengers do. Where the Avengers are professional and polished, WEB is a bit more creative and quirky.

What do you think of these new details released today about Avengers Campus? Are you excited for it to open on June 4th? What are you most excited for? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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