Disneyland Legacy Passholder - Featured Image

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Drops Hints About Future for Disneyland Legacy Passholders

Since the Disneyland Resort suspended the Annual Pass program, many have wondered what will be replacing it. Currently, former Annual Passholders who had a pass when the parks closed last year are considered Legacy Passholders. With this, they are able to utilize some discounts and other perks that were once offered to those with an Annual Pass. Today, Bob Chapek provided some hints at what the future looks like for the program during The Walt Disney Company earnings call.

During the call Chapek said about Annual Passes, “And as you all know, we ended our current annual pass program at Disneyland, and that gives us a chance to sort of create a modern version of a park loyalty program, an affinity program that isn’t necessarily governed by legacy”

Chapek also said that Disney hasn’t “even scratched the surface” when it comes to “Improving guest experience. However, there will also be efforts made with the new program to “get an adequate return to our shareholders for the type of experience that we do give to our guests.”

What this means specifically for a future pass program isn’t known. What is known is that it will be announced sometime later this year.

What do you think of Chapek’s statements on the Disneyland Annual Passes? Are you optimistic for the future of Annual Passholders/Legacy Passholders? What do you think a new program should look like? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!