Jungle Cruise Reopening and Future of Passholder Program at Disneyland Announced in D23 Inside Disney Podcast

The D23 Inside Disney podcast invites guests from around the Disney company. The day before the reopening of Disneyland an episode with Ken Potrock, President of the Disneyland Resort, was released. On it, Potrock divulged a few news items related to the Disneyland Resort.

The first was discussing the changes for the Jungle Cruise. The attraction will be closed when the park reopens, but Ken Potrock announced that it will reopen sometime in the summer with the changes in place. One of the main features of the redone attraction will be a story that centers around the infamous skippers.

Another big item talked about was with some changes at Blue Bayou. Potrock said that the inclusion of alcohol was due to guest feedback and adding something that seemed natural to this restaurant. But, the big news is that the dining experience will reopen shortly after the park reopens implying just days after. There was no exact date, but it sounded very soon after guests return to Disneyland.

The third big item was some long awaited news about the Annual Passholder program at the Resort. The Annual Passes were done away with earlier this year, but a mention that a new program would take its place. Potrock announced that there will be a new program in place by the end of the year. He also talked about the reasoning behind doing away with the previous program. One of the reasons did have to do with the policies that are in place with reopening theme parks and that the Passholder program might not have fit in. The other reason was to create a new program that fit more with guest feedback. He did say that they are now currently going over data from surveys and other feedback, so there was no hint at what to expect with a new program. But, it is exciting to hear something will return by the end of the year!

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