Tips on How to Make Disneyland Park Reservations

Today, April 12, some guests have been able to make Disneyland and Disney California Adventure park reservations. As others await the 15th for both purchasing tickets and getting park reservations, here are some helpful tips and guides to making them.

First, be sure to get a park ticket. This will require going through steps that we do not know about at this time. For both making a reservation and purchasing a ticket, you will want to sign into your account. When you purchase a ticket through your account it will be automatically linked. Otherwise, a ticket must be linked to your account before making a park reservation.

And, I highly recommend signing into your account before going to either page as it will make things smoother in the long run. Once you have your ticket, head to “Theme Park Reservation Details” under the “My Disneyland” tab on the main site. Toward the middle of that page is a heading with the phrase “4 Easy Steps” and underneath are 4 icons. Underneath those icons is the button link to Make Park Reservations.

Once you’ve proceeded to the next page, there are two options. One is for making and linking park reservations and the other is for linking hotel reservations. Proceed to the park reservations. Currently, on the park availability calendar (which is a link under the Make Park Reservations on the Theme Park Reservation Detail page) there are only two tiers of availability: One day park tickets and Park Hopper tickets. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between having a hotel reservation and a ticket to get a park reservation at this time.

After proceeding from the option to make a park reservation there is a page that asks you to create your party. There should be a list of all the tickets you have, so it also means that you can have multiple one day tickets and select which one you want to make a park reservation for at that time. Once you’ve selected the tickets for your party, it should take you to selections between parks and calendar dates. I say it should because I’m writing this before I have tickets and not sure exactly what comes next. However, this is very familiar from Walt Disney World park reservations I have made.

If you have multiple one day tickets for yourself, you’ll need to go back to the “Create a Party” page in order to make a reservation for another ticket.

Hopefully this helps you if you are anticipating the April 15 ticket buying and park reservation making time. Let us know if you have questions, comments, or if you have already made a reservation in the comments below!

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