Cast Members Get Special Preview of Disneyland Before Reopening

This week, before Disneyland officially reopens to the public, cast members have had a chance to see the parks for themselves! On Tuesday, the first day of the soft opening, Mickey Mouse helped open the gates to Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom to allow guests through the gates once again.

Our friend Cristina had the opportunity to enter through the gates for the first time in over a year! When Disney asked her what she was looking forward to experiencing, she said “I’m so excited to return to where it all started. Like Walt said, it started with a dream, and what better place to live your dream than Disneyland?” Cristina said. “I’m most looking forward to seeing the castle. It’s just a sight that I know is the best to see at the beginning of the day.”

We are just so elated at the sight of the excitement! You can see Cristina entering the gates below.

Disney also welcomed guests in from the community, as well as healthcare workers from Hoag hospital. Ana Fernandez brought her two sons as part of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Anaheim-Cypress, who were excited to get on attractions again. “They’re super excited. They said ‘we have butterflies!’ as we were walking in,” she shared. “The fact that Disneyland thought of giving back to the most impacted and vulnerable of the community is amazing. You think ‘we are a community. We’re in this together.’ I don’t have words to express my gratitude.”

Overall, we are so overwhelmed with emotion as the soft previews carry on. Today is the last day of the soft opening before the official grand opening tomorrow, April 30. We can’t wait to see what magic is in store for all of us this week!

Thank you Disneyland Resort cast members for all that you do! We are so grateful for the magic you make and we are so excited you got a chance to experience the magic!

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