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Lucasfilm Games Announces Star Wars: Hunters Game Arriving Later This Year!

Lucasfilm Games has announced a new competitive arena combat game that is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021 called Star Wars: Hunters. Players will be able to compete in a galactic arena with a roaring cloud cheering them on in this new Star Wars game. It will include all-new characters and Star Wars-inspired locations.

The announcement came this week out of Nintendo Direct where Zynga and Lucasfilm Games. The game will be team-based and include multiplayer battles that will feature quite the array of distinctive new Star Wars characters. Here is the official description from Lucasfilm Games:

Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Star Wars: Hunters will connect players in real time to battle in arena settings inspired by iconic Star Wars locales. Play as daring Bounty Hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, and an Imperial stormtrooper, in an action game that immerses players in fast-paced and visually stunning Star Wars conflict.

With the announcement came a first look at Star Wars: Hunters as well. In it some of the new characters can be seen. One of these is a Wookie warrior and another fighter with a red lightsaber. Holograms line a graffiti filled hallway they are in.

In the video, holograms of a Wookiee warrior and a mysterious red lightsaber-wielding fighter are seen as the camera moves down a graffiti filled hallway towards a battle arena that is very busy with battle.

Star WarsHunters draws inspiration from classic Star Wars stories and settings, but with a look and feel that is different from anything we have done before,” says Douglas Reilly, VP of Lucasfilm Games. “We’re thrilled to introduce this wildly creative cast of characters to our fans on Nintendo Switch, where they can join with their friends in thrilling battles at home or on the go.”

Star Wars: Hunters will be free to download for the Nintendo Switch, on the App Store and on Google Play sometime this year. Star Wars: Hunters will not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to download and play.

What do you think of Star Wars: Hunters? Are you excited to play it when it arrives? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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