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It is the time of year to celebrate Lunar New Year, which is also called the Spring Festival. This is the time of year that signals the coming of springs and the promise of hope and new beginnings that comes with it. It is traditional for family and friends to gather together during this time for Lo Hei, or the “tossing up good fortune.” For this, a salad of prosperity that is a toss salad is served that traditionally has fresh fish, shredded vegetables, fried crackers, and a plum sauce.

There are different Lo Hei ingredients with different significance for the coming year. This includes good fortune, eternal youth, prosperity, or strong ties with family and friends. The dish is served on a large plate or platter and everyone joins in to toss and mix the ingredients together. This is done while saying hopeful well-wishes aloud to bring in good luck. It is believed that the higher the toss, the more prosperity that will be brought into the coming year.

While there are many different versions of Lo Hei, Hong Kong Disneyland has shared its version that includes ramen noodles, smoky salmon, briny abalone, prawns, along with shredded vegetables and sesame and chili-soy sauces. The recipe has been shared so that it can be made at home to help celebrate the Lunar New Year! Take a look at it below and give it a try. Then share how it turned out for you in the comments!

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