Disneyland Resort Legacy Passholders Get Preview of Star Wars Trading Post at Former Rainforest Cafe

Disneyland Resort Legacy Passholders, or otherwise known as Annual Passholders when Disneyland closed last year, were given a preview of the new location for Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney District starting on Tuesday.

Up until recently, Star Wars Trading Post was found in what was known as WonderGround Gallery. However, it has been moved to the former home of the Rainforest Café and WonderGround Gallery is returning to its former location. Both will officially open on February 19, 2021.

Legacy Passholders were required to get a reservation to participate in this experience. Just like reserving food, a $10 deposit was required to make the reservation. This was only charged if the person did not show up at there reservation time.

At the date and time of their reservation, Legacy Passholders could check in outside of the former ESPN Zone building. Then, they waited first in a line to get into the former ESPN Zone where a Batuuan Spira Droid Coin could be purchased for $4.99, with the the proviso that $100 is loaded on to it. The total ends up being $104.99.

Next, Legacy Passholders moved to a line wrapping around Star Wars Trading Post. For the DAPS MAGIC team, it took about 45 minutes to get into the Trading Post. The total wait time was a little over an hour from the moment of check in until getting in.

Inside, a lot of the merchandise found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge could be found. The former eating establishment had been re-themed to feel like a Resistance base. Star Wars music was being played and really made it easy to forget one was in Downtown Disney District.

There were different areas with different types of merchandise. One area had droids, another was dedicated to the First Order. One corner of the store had lightsabers, another focused on creatures. There was also Baby Yoda merchandise, Batuuan toys, and quite a bit more.

Previews will continue to run for Disneyland Resort Legacy Passholders until Thursday before it opens to general guests on Friday. Below are photos of the whole experience. Take a look and then share what you think of the new Star Wars Trading Post in the comments below!


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