Star Wars: The High Republic Arrives

The first books for Star Wars: The High Republic have arrived today. This new multimedia initiative will be telling the stories of the golden age of the Jedi. The stories being told through this series will dramatically grow the world of stories found in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: The High Republic will be telling stories that take place about 200 years before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. According to starwars.comthis is the scene that is set for this new series:

It’s a time of peace and prosperity in the galaxy far, far away. The Republic is thriving and the Jedi Order is at its zenith, with individual Force wielders and their students exploring the galactic frontier and keeping the peace. But the time is not without its conflicts.

Here is a trailer that was released ahead of the launch of Star Wars: The High Republic:

The books released today to kick off Sta Wars: The High Republic include:

Light of the Jedi, by Charles Soule

A Test of Courage, by Justina Ireland

The Great Jedi Rescue, by Cavan Scott

Tomorrow, Marvel will release the first issues of a new Star Wars: The High Republic comic series. They will be written by Cavan Scott with art created by Ario Anindito and Phil Noto.

Moving forward to February 2nd, Into the Dark will arrive. It is written by Claudia Gray.


This will be followed by the first issue of IDW’s new comic series, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures. These will be written by Daniel José Older and illustrated by Harvey Tolibao.

These releases are just the beginning for Star Wars: The High Republic. More will be coming in the future. More details can also be found at

What do you think about Star Wars: The High Republic? Are you excited about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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