Imagineer Tracy Eck Recognized by Themed Entertainment Association for Artistic Direction, Design and Performance Quality

Disneyland Paris Imagineering Tracy Eck has been honored by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) as a TEA Master. Eck has worked in the theme park world for 29 years in the world of artistic direction. At Disneyland Paris, she has been training, mentoring, and inspiring young designers for years. Now she is being recognized for it.

Tracy Eck is known for her work as an artistic designer and also as a lighting designer. She has worked on attractions, restaurants, shops, along with helping develop new icons and areas inside the parks. She not only works on creating incredible areas in the parks but also inspiring members of the team that she works with. According to a release from Disneyland Paris, Eck “has an excellent sense of teamwork and brings her expertise in storytelling and collaborative theatrical art to each project. She has a skilled designer eye and an imagination that adds value to each of her projects. She is a real inspiration for the young designers she takes under her wing.”

Eck’s career in theme parks began in 1990 when she was hired at Walt Disney Imagineering as a show lighting designer for the Disneyland Paris construction project. She soon became a key part of the team and was a part of Imagineers that helped form the “Design and Show Quality” once the park was open. This helped train staff in the maintenance of the park and also design new projects.

She eventually went on to become a lighting designer for the development of Walt Disney Studios. Once this project was finished, she returned to the “Design and Show Quality” where she worked on renovations and also new projects. Through the years, Eck continued to learn and develop and eventually oversee the artistic direction at Disneyland Paris.

Through the years at Disneyland Paris, she hasn’t only been a leader and mentor of upcoming Imagineers, she also has helped move the parks forward with both new projects and renovations. She recently helped with the recent renovation of “it’s a small world”. Eck is revered in the theme park industry in Europe and deserves this illustrious honor.

DAPS MAGIC wishes Tracy Eck a big congratulations!


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