More Disneyland 65th Anniversary in the Pop Up Shop Shows Off Retro Items

Downtown Disney and Disneyland has been having frequent pop-up shop times for special 65th-anniversary merchandise.  In the past, it has included sippers and pins.  This time around there were a couple of retro-inspired items for sale.

A popcorn bucket in the style of the first park popcorn holders was for sale.  It featured the 65th-anniversary logo on the front and symbols of the lands on the sides.  A nice strap adorns the sides as well.  The bucket is a bit different from even the character shaped ones in the park in that it has a box shape to it.

Two vinyl statues were for sale with the Wonderground Gallery logo.  This definitely points to them supposed to be offered in the store before it was known they would close.  One was a Mr. Toad statue and the other a vintagely graphic version of the Partners Statue by Dave Perillo.

Lastly, a special diamond glow cube was offered as well, which is reminiscent of other cubes found in drinks inside the parks.  It lights blue and features the Mickey silhouette icon on the bottom.

The bucket and the cube were “surprise” items that were not advertised originally.  The pop-up shop is located in the former ESPN Zone.  Reservations are required and found under the “Things To Do” tab of the Disneyland site for a limited number of days.  They are likely to have more so be sure to check back there to see what they will have!

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