Star Wars Shop Pops Up at Former WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney District

A new shop has popped up overnight at the location where WonderGround Gallery normally resides at the Downtown Disney District. This new store is devoted to Star Wars and includes merchandise previously only found at the Disneyland Resort in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. For much of the opening day, there was a standby queue to enter the store. However, later in the day, a virtual queue was implemented. For those who wanted to get Kyber Crystals and lightsabers, a number system was in effect. Guests would get a number and then numbers were called out to indicate when they should return to that part of the store.

This new shop looks like a piece of Black Spire Outpost had been picked up and moved to Downtown Disney. Some signs seem to indicate that the name is Star Wars Trading Post. The store is entirely dedicated to Star Wars and will be popular for those visiting Downtown Disney District looking for Star Wars merchandise. It has the same operating hours as the Downtown Disney District.

At this time it isn’t known how long this shop will remain in its location and if or when the WonderGround Gallery will be returning. Below are both videos and photos from the opening day at this Star Wars shop. Take a look and then share what you think of this new shop in the comments below! A huge thank you to @dapsmurray for stopping by and getting the photos and video for DAPS MAGIC!

Star Wars Trading Post Video Tour

Star Wars Trading Post Photos


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  1. So sad. There goes my main reason to try to go to DTD.

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