Evel Knievel’s son is seeing Disney over the use of a character in Pixar’s ToyStory 4 that he feels is too similar to his father. The character, Duke Caboom, was voiced by Keanu Reeves.

A federal trademark infringement lawsuit was filed in Las Vegas accusing Disney of basing the Duke Caboom off of Evel Knievel in an improper way.

Disney released a statement to Fox Business saying, “The claims are without merit and we intend to defend against them vigorously in court.”

Knievel’s son Kelly, who is the head of K&K Productions and owns merchandising rights to Evel Knievel and his likeness, is seeking $300,000 in damages. In a statement, K&K productions said on the lawsuit, “Evel Knievel did not thrill millions around the world, break his bones and spill his blood just so Disney could make a bunch of money.”

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