With Shorter Hours Coming, Disney Adjusts EPCOT After 4 Passes

EPCOT - Featured Image

On September 8, 2020, the Walt Disney World Resort will be shortening the operating hours for its parks. Because of this, EPCOT will be closing two hours earlier than it currently is and the EPCOT After 4 pass will no longer seem like quite as good of a deal.

Today Disney confirmed to the Orlando Sentinal that the EPCOT After 4 pass will change to allow guests to enter the park at 2:00 PM when the park hours change. Guests will still be required to get a reservation to visit EPCOT with the pass.

The Epcot After 4 pass is designed for locals who would like to visit EPCOT’s festivals and enjoy just an evening with dinner as opposed to a full day in the park. When the park hours extend again, the EPCOT After 4 pass will again return to allowing guests to enter the park after 4:00 PM.

Disney continues to adapt its procedures and policies since beginning the phased reopening of Walt Disney World Resort. Expect more changes to come as Disney analyzes and adjusts to situations, data, and trends moving forward as Disney navigates a different environment due to the effects of coronavirus.

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