Sunday Recap Report – Taste of Calico at Knott’s Berry Farm

It was a warm but comfortable Sunday afternoon at Knott’s Berry Farm. Yes, Knott’s Berry Farm is open for a special food event called ‘Taste of Calico.’ This was the 3rd weekend of the 4 weekend event. The event is held entirely outdoors to comply with the current state of California guidelines.

This event was originally two weekends, but got extended due to popular demand. Admission for the event is $25 plus tax for adults, which includes 5 tastings. The cost for kids is $15 plus tax, which includes 3 tastings.

Parking for the event is free, and is accessible from Crescent Avenue. Once parked, I walked towards the Knott’s Marketplace where I met with Jenny, who had just purchased a boysenberry churro toffee square from the Farm Bakery. Jenny had to take a photo of her toffee square at the Charleston Circle Fountain with her themed nails!

Mr. DAPs and Caitie showed up shortly after, and from there headed to the Knott’s entrance for the event. We got our temperatures checked through a thermal check (no handheld thermometer was used), and then headed towards security.

From there, we arrived at the entrance turnstiles, received our event credential, and in we went. We took a physically distanced group selfie near the Knott’s entrance windmill.

After that, we walked around Ghost Town as we figured out what we wanted to have first. Jenny wanted to put me in a coffin near the Bird Cage Theatre so she did! I tried to look as ‘dead’ as possible.

As we made our way to our first stop, we couldn’t help but to take some photos of the Rio Grande Railroad engine that was at the train station, and the Calico Mine Ride.

There are 17 locations offering a variety of food and drink options. Most locations serve the same items to help the lines move as quickly as possible while keeping guests safe and physically distanced.

Our first stop was Charleston Circle Booth 2 where we each got the steak chili with a boysenberry cornbread muffin. Jenny also got the gumbo with chicken, shrimp, and boysenberry sausage served over basmati rice.

While sitting there enjoying our food, a DJ was playing songs we all know and love with a country twist. It was quite interesting and entertaining!

After that, we enjoyed a magic show that was happening at a stage near the Calico Saloon. The magician did a great job at entertaining the crowd, and the show was even interactive from a safe distance of course.

Entertainment during the event helped the time at Knott’s feel somewhat ‘normal.’ All entertainers were kept at a safe distance from guests, whether it was on a stage or on a balcony.

Here’s the Mayor of Knott’s having some fun with guests.

After watching some entertainment, it was time for some more food. We made our way to Sutter’s Grill. We got the pulled pork sliders with jalapeño crisps and fries, the Mac and cheese bites with fries and a sriracha ketchup, and the samosas with a boysenberry chutney. The mac and cheese bites are served in a cone with a holder for the sriracha ketchup.

The Mac and cheese bites were the clear winner here. I had them later, but even I enjoyed them. I would have loved more of the mac and cheese bites instead of the fries, but this was definitely filling. The pulled pork was good and the jalapeño crisps were good too.

After sitting in a perfect spot near Sutter’s Grill, we walked around for a bit before finding another spot to sit for awhile.

Also when visiting Knott’s for this event, there are plenty of hand sanitizing stations throughout the Park. We used them often. You can see in this photo that there are two hand sanitizing stations located right near each other.

We then made our way back towards Sutter’s Grill for more yumminess. Jenny got a Boysenberry Icee Float, while I got the mac & cheese bites. Mr. DAPs and Caitie went for another round of mac & cheese bites before opting for some desserts. I then got gumbo, and the portion size was great!

As I was walking back with my gumbo, I stopped to take a few photos – one of the Timber Mountain Log Ride, and one of the Butterfield Stagecoach Station. It was just a beautiful day to be at Knott’s!

Here are the desserts that Mr. DAPs and Caitie got. There’s the Mrs. Knott’s biscuit bites with a boysenberry butter, the boysenberry mini funnel cake, and a bread pudding with a crème anglaise.

The biscuit bites were okay. The boysenberry butter was very tasty. The mini funnel cake is just the perfect Knott’s desert. Caitie really enjoyed the bread pudding, and was definitely one of her favorite food items of the day.

It was soon time to end our day at the Taste of Calico. But Jenny and I couldn’t leave without getting our last treat – the mini boysenberry funnel cake! If you went to a Knott’s food event and didn’t get a funnel cake, did you actually go to the food event?!

Jenny, of course, had to show off her funnel cake with two characters sitting on a bench. I think one of them is jealous of her funnel cake. I would have been too!

As we walked out of Knott’s and headed towards the Marketplace, there was a rooster roaming around just having the time of its life. There are times were you so see chickens and roosters roaming around near the Knott’s picnic area. Just remember when you see the chickens and/or roosters to not attempt to chase after them or feed them.

Overall, this was a very fun and filling event! Knott’s employees did a great job at making sure guests were following the physical distancing guidelines, as well as wearing their masks. I felt safe at this event, and only took off my masks to eat or drink something while staying in one location.

The next Knott’s food event will be the ‘Taste of Knott’s.’ Tickets for this event are already on sale. The event begins August 21, and will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through September 13.

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