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Today DAPS MAGIC would like to introduce a new segment that we will be offering called DISNEY THIS DAY. This daily show is a brief look at Disney’s history that is a little bit wacky. Hosted by Egon Bonkers, it will offer the chance for Disney fans to learn about what happened on this day in Disney history. Anyone who has seen Egon at work before (remember DNN back in the day?) knows that he tends to have his own unique way of delivering the news/information with his own unique sense of humor.

Here is the first DISNEY THIS DAY with Egon Bonkers:

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DISNEY THIS DAY will be posted every day on the DAPS MAGIC YouTube channel. It’ll also be appearing on the home page of dapsmagic.com. Or if you want to see all of Egon’s daily videos, visit disneythisday.com!

What do you think of DISNEY THIS DAY? We hope you love it! It has been a full team effort to pull the information together, organize, film, and edit these videos. Share your thoughts in the comments below or with DAPS MAGIC on Facebook or Twitter!


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