This year has been a very different year in many different ways. One thing, of many, that ended up being quite different than most years is that the NBA ended up finishing its season at the Walt Disney World Resort. In their NBA “bubble,” the season has been able to continue and will soon conclude.

To celebrate the NBA Finals, Disney and NBA came up with a substantial collection of merchandise. The following merchandise will be showing up on August 24 at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort and on August 31 on

This new NBA Experience collection will be incredibly unique to go along with this once in a lifetime season that brought together the NBA and Disney for the NBA Playoffs at Walt Disney World Resort. The collections will do this visually as well as they combine NBA with classic Disney Parks icons. There will also be some specific merchandise for specific NBA teams. There is a little bit of everything for Disney and NBA fans. This includes drink ware, basketballs, phone cases, spirits jerseys, shirts, magic bands, and so much more!

Check out the merchandise that will soon be available here:

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