A Chat with Erin Lefler, Artist and Host of The Drawing Board

Many people have taken time during quarantine to tap into their creative side and start new projects. The last few months have been no exception for artist Erin Lefler. Erin is a licensed Lucasfilms LTD and Marvel artist, who explores many of the characters we love through her art. She’s traveled the country and has participated in numerous comic conventions, and even some panels as well.

Erin is already ridiculously creative and talented to begin with, but she tapped into creating something totally unique in the last couple months! Because a majority of conventions have been canceled for this year, she wanted to find a way for people to connect with personalities of the entertainment world while at home. In her new show, The Drawing Board, Erin interviews guests about anything and everything and in the process, draws them! At the end of the show, she reveals the finished piece! In the last few months, she’s interviewed dozens of people from the entertainment, arts, comic worlds, and more!

Mr. DAPS and I had the chance to sit down with Erin via live-stream and chat about discovering her love for art, her blossoming career, and of course, The Drawing Board. We also talked about her incredible social media campaign that she started in 2018, #ForceAgainstCyberBullying. The internet isn’t always the kindest place, which prompted her to create the campaign. She was inspired by her love of Star Wars and her desire to be a positive light in the online community. Through this campaign, she was able to encourage others to speak out against cyber bullying and look out for our friends on social media. It goes to show that we can all be a force against cyber bullying! Erin is doing some amazing things through her art and connecting with people.

Enjoy our interview with Erin, be sure to check out and subscribe to her YouTube Channel, and find her on social media!



The Drawing Board: Hosted by Erin Lefler