This week, Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrated an exciting new addition! On July 25, Walt Disney World Resort welcomed the newest baby mandrill to the wild world of the animal kingdom! One of the most exciting things about this new addition is that guests are able to see this family bonding!

This baby was born to first-time father Linus and mother Scarlett. Mother and baby are both doing incredibly well and have bonded very quickly. Their bond has become so close and unbreakable that vets have not been able to perform a full examination as Scarlett keeps the baby so close. Once the vet team is able to perform a full exam, they will determine the gender and also reveal the name of this baby Mandrill!

This family makes their home in the Kilimanjaro Safari and guests have already been able to see this pair bonding. Of course, if you take a trip on the safari, it is not guaranteed that you will see any specific animals, but it could be great fun to see this newest addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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