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Lin-Manuel Miranda Teases New Animated Disney Musical Set in Colombia

Lin-Manuel Miranda is working on another Disney animated feature. While on Good Morning America (GMA) talking about the upcoming Hamilton release on Disney+, Miranda shared about another project he is working on.

During his time in quarantine, Miranda has been working with Disney on a new animated musical that is set in Colombia. Byron Howard and Jared Bush will be the directors for this untitled film and Charise Castro Smith will co-direct.

The new film continues a collaboration between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Disney that has already included Mary Poppins Returns, Moana, and also bringing Hamilton to Disney+.

At this time, there are no details beyond what Miranda shared on GMA about this new animated musical. He did share a little bit about the filming of Hamilton. The shoot apparently took three days.

“We filmed a live performance with cameras in the audience on a Sunday matinee then the audience left,” Miranda explained.

After this, the cast filmed close-up, dolly and crane shots through the evening. They also filmed the following Tuesday night performance.

“It was basically a three-day film shoot with the best rehearsed cast in the history of the movies because we’d all been doing this show for a year at this point,” Miranda said.

Hamilton will arrive on Disney+ on July 3. A trailer for it was released over the weekend as Disney begins to ramp up its promotion of the musical. The free trial for Disney+ has also ended ahead of Hamilton arriving on Disney’s streaming service.

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*Updated to be Colombia and not Columbia, thanks, Tim!

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