Disneyland Paris Run

Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 5th Edition Postponed to Fall 2021

This week, Disney announced that they would be postponing the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 5th edition. The races were originally planned for the last weekend of September 2020 but as the resort has analyzed its operations, they have made the decision to postpone the races.

At this time, the races planned for the end of September have been moved to Fall 2021. If you were registered for the races, Disneyland Paris is asking that you fill out a form for your choice to move forward. If you choose to keep your reservation for your visit at the end of September, Disney will simply refund your payment of the Run Weekend features. You may also decide to cancel your reservation entirely in which case Disneyland Paris will return your money in full.

Disney asks that you fill out this form with your choice by June 19. If you choose not to fill out this electronic form, Disneyland Paris will automatically refund your entire package for your visit plus the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend features.

Will you be running the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend Fifth Edition when it returns to the resort in Fall 2021? What are you looking forward to most? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know!