#DAPSnDragons Episode III: Here You Leave Today Recap!

We learn in a flashback how Zanna, Saile, and the Tinker escaped the siege on Spire, meeting a hooded, elderly human who attacked some castle guards. Coming back to our newly leveled group, we find them on their third day of travel to Mortidrakk, the technologically advanced land of the Gnomes and Dwarves and home to Garrettt and Zanna. Most of the group are still anxious and keep watch over their cart and Baaa, the goat. They spot some scorched debris in the road which prompts Theobeak to check out their surroundings overhead. After rolling a natural one, Theobeak gives the all clear to the group and they cautiously continue on to the border of Mortidrakk.

Theobeak senses that their group is being followed, but Dobbs is unable to spot anyone. The group approaches two large pyramid structures guarding the border of the rocky kingdom. Believing that they’ll be safe should they get past the guardian posts, Theobeak flies up and watches over the group until they pass the border. The structures follow the cart with spears pointing at each individual wielding a weapon. Everyone stows their weapons, successfully passes the guardians and are welcomed by the structures to Mortidrakk. Almost immediately, the guardians start shouting warnings to an unseen enemy. Garrett runs in the direction of the pointed spears and catches a human who disappears and jerks away from Garrett’s grasp. Theobeak tests the properties of the guardians by attacking a nearby rock and is attacked by the spears from the towers.

The towers chime up again with their warnings as a crossbow bolt strikes Dobbs. The group circles around to catch the pursuing enemies. Theobeak hides Baaa at the peak of one of the geometric rock outcroppings as Zanna summons a bigger illusion of herself between the guardians. The illusion is attacked by two invisible enemies, but the crossbow bolts pass through and they end up hitting each other. Zanna and Alden attack with witchbolt and sacred flame respectively and are attacked by the pyramids. Theobeak rushes up and takes out one attacker and slashes the other with his talons. Dobbs fires her own bolt empowered by her spell and kills the second enemy. Garrett and Colonel look around for more enemies and Colonel spots some shifting rocks down the road just before dodging a bolt and dagger. After Colonel reveals one of the invisible assailants with some dirt, the group takes the opportunity and attacks. Theobeak takes out one and knocks out the other for questioning.

Zanna ties up the unconscious one when Colonel hears muffled cries coming from back up the road. Everyone but Theobeak goes to find the source of the noise and rescues a man tied up. The man turns out to be Zeek, the owner of the general store in Hub, and presents everyone with gifts in exchange for the group sponsoring his store. Zanna gets a pin to help her in persuasion, Alden receives a pair of fuzzy dice that assists in vehicle travel, Garrett gets a tarantula bracelet to help with movement, Theobeak gets a black candle that creates darkness, Dobbs is given an ice cream bar that deals frost damage, and Colonel gets a bracer with the same symbol branded on his arm. Zeek takes his leave and the group turns to wake their prisoner.

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