The Elias Campaign – DAPS MAGIC Plays D&D!

In my (not so) humble opinion, the best part about being a geek is the VARIETY. There are so many facets to geek culture, that it an endless, wonderful experience to discover new fandoms and (mild-to-moderate) obsessions!

That’s why it gives me great joy to share one of my favorite flavors of geek with the DAPS MAGIC community in the coming days and weeks… and we’re bringing you along for the ride.

Starting this Thursday, April 16th, 2020, DAPsMagic will be livestreaming our own actual-play Dungeons & Dragons game!

If you’re unfamiliar, D&D is a tabletop role-playing game, full of monsters and magic. Normally, it is played around a shared table, with Doritos and Mountain Dew aplenty… which is what makes our session a little different. We will be joined by a core group of players from around the country (literally coast-to-coast), with special guests along the way to join in on the fun.

Moreover, there will be an extra bit of pixie dust added – As we are all MASSIVE fans of Disney, we will be playing in a world inspired by the Disneyland park, with plenty of Easter eggs to be found for any superfan.

Lastly, and this is important – this is an all-experience-level game, for both our viewers and players. All are welcome, and no D&D knowledge required. We will be happily explaining the game by playing.


Who IS this D&D?

If you’ve only ever heard of the game, or only know it from the memes, Dungeons & Dragons has been around for a good few decades now, originally created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. There’s been a few changes to the game over the years (we will be playing the fifth edition of the game), but at its core, it is a storytelling adventure created through the actions of the players. One person takes the role of Dungeon Master (DM), directing the story for each of the players, controlling their character’s action by speaking, playing the character, and rolling dice.

Dice are a pretty big part of the game, and there are a good few needed. A standard set of gaming polyhedral dice will have about seven different types, with the most important (for this game) being the d20; a 20-sided piece, which determines much of the game’s action.

…are you keeping up? Good news – IT’S TOTALLY FINE IF YOU’RE NOT. The easiest way to learn the in’s and out’s is by doing!

Where does Disney come in?

The fantasy world we will be adventuring in (created by me, your friendly neighborhood DM) is called Elias, a vast continent with many lands (which will be increasingly familiar to any Disney geek). There’s the capital kingdom of Spire, with its fortified castle, sitting in the shadow of the mighty Northtamer Mountain. There’s Lightning Gulch, an arid frontier of settlements and mining operations. There’s the technologically-advanced kingdom of Mortidrakk in the jagged rocks of the east… the list (and references) go on.

During our game, the players will encounter characters, quests, and heroic opportunities, all within a land of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

Who is playing?

Of course, even WE don’t really know our characters… yet. A big part of the fun is discovering who these characters are, as they live and grow through the campaign. But- we do know who is playing, and their character sheets have been created! I am pleased to introduce you to our cast of players:

Blue (@bluewolfd) – Alden “Grief Ridder” Borgen, a Goliath Cleric

Luke (@mounenii) – Theobeak, an Aarakocran Monk

Caitie (@caitiebear13) – Dobbs, a Dwarf Paladin

Mikey (@mikey_really_likey) – Garrett Greenbottle, a Halfling Rogue

Mr. Daps (@mrdaps) –Colonel Sherman T. Potter  an Elf Ranger

Cameron (@mr_camjaxn) – Dungeon Master


…and more! We’re inviting special guests as the game progresses to help (or hinder) the adventure.


Why should you watch?

Let’s face it – things are rough right now. We all need connection and community, and the world isn’t making that too easy at the moment.

But DAPS MAGIC has always strived to be a welcoming, inclusive place, where all geeks are welcome. Sure, we’re just going to be playing a game, but it’s a chance to laugh and experience new things together. And we want you to come along for the journey.

So, if you’re up for a little bit of silliness, and some good storytelling with great people, we invite you to Elias.

Gate’s open.

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