Porcupine Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Named After Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member

A porcupine that was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom now has a name. Shelley the porcupette was named after Disney Cast Member Shelley, a veterinary services manager at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Shelley, the Cast Member, played a significant role in the birth of this young one.  She was born on February 25, 2020, and already weighs 2 lbs. Her mother is named Peri.

When Shelley was born, she was covered in a soft reddish fur. Their quills are hidden underneath. After birth, the quills begin to harder. Shelley is now about three times the weight of when she was born at the end of February.

Shelley the porcupette is a prehensile-tailed porcupine. This is one of twelve species of New World porcupines. This particular species would be found in South America. There, they live in trees and eat roots. A porcupette is what a baby porcupine is called.

Shelley the Porcupette at Disney’s Animal Kingdom



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