Disney Theatrical Productions Offers Free Home Access to The Lion King Experience

Disney Theatrical Productions announced today that it has released a free virtually accessible version of The Lion King Experience. This educational program shows how theater is made through the Broadway production of The Lion King. The Lion King Experience is being offered for free by Disney Theatrical Productions.

This program was launched in 2015 and targets elementary and middle school students. The program allows accredited elementary and middle schools the chance to produce condensed KIDS and JR. versions of The Lion King. This, along with the curriculum, makes up The Lion King Experience. When it was launched, it was the first time that the KIDS and Jr. versions of a show were created while the show it was still running on Broadway.

The curriculum was designed to be web-based and utilize multi-medium. It was originally designed to be facilitated by an instructor in school that were producing the KIDS and Jr. adaptations of The Lion King. However, due to the nature of the time, there are new step-by-step instructions that will allow students to receive the full experience from the comfort of their own homes.

As students go through this program, they will get a look at the process of playwriting, designing, technical theater, and other elements of the theatrical process. The goal is to introduce students to the wide array of theatrical skills that can be found in the development of a Broadway musical. Generally, The Lion King Experience would be licensed through Music Theatre International and would be a part of MTI’s Broadway Junior collection of musicals that can be seen in schools around the country.

It took Disney Theatrical’s education team three years to develop The Lion King Experience. What is now released online unlocks all the materials and tools needed for the program. This includes an 11-session course for students ages 8-11 and an 18-session course for students that are ages 12-15. The course includes video instructions and other lesson materials needed for the students to participate.

For those who would like to check out The Lion King Experience, visit LionKingExperience.com. There all the access to the Experience can be found.

The Walt Disney Company continues to release different iterations of Disney magic for fans to enjoy at homes during this time of shelter in place. The Lion King Experience is just one more of those ways that this is being done. More activities and experiences can be found at DisneyMagicMoments.com.


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