daps from the past

DAPS from the Past – Sharing the Magic From Days Gone By

There are so many magical memories to be had at the various Disney Parks. The DAPS MAGIC team recently realized that a lot of them have been captured throughout the years. Some of them have been uploaded, others will be. They are all going into a new playlist called “DAPS from the Past.” There, we are posting videos with videos from days gone by. Some of them include shows or entertainers that are no longer in the parks. Others are just magical moments from years ago. Some of the videos are just opportunities that were captured by the DAPS MAGIC team from the past that are worth remembering. We hope you enjoy this new playlist. We are actively adding to it!

If you have any videos from the past that you would like to contribute to this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to share them as well! For now, we hope you enjoy these DAPS from the Past videos!

DAPS From the Past


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