Celebrate Christmas in April with The Hallmark Ornament Preview!

While it is only April, and we’re barely celebrating Easter, Hallmark has decided to spread some Christmas cheer during this challenging time. You see, Hallmark isn’t only known for their cards or movies, but for their yearly release of Christmas ornaments. Every year, usually in May, Hallmark releases the Dream Book, a showcase of the hundreds of ornaments that will be available to commemorate the upcoming Christmas season.

For many years, my mom and I would get the Dream Books, make our wish lists, and then get up early for ornament debut day in July. You know how people collect the Pop Funko figurines or pins at the parks? That’s what ornament debut day is like, and we would always line up early to make sure we got the limited edition ornaments. While my mom and I don’t live in the same area anymore, we still make this tradition happen. It’s a lot of fun and we enjoy collecting all of the Disney ornaments!

With the current global climate, Hallmark digitally released the Dream Book about a month early, bringing Christmas joy to people all over. I, of course, was on the hunt for which ornaments will go on my wish list this year. In the process, I saved all of the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars ones to compile in once place for you to view! I would recommend checking the Hallmark site for prices, release dates, and videos of special effects. Note that most of the ornaments will not be released until July.

Mickey and Friends
Disney Princess Films
Other Disney Classics
Pixar Films
Winnie the Pooh and Friends
Disney Junior
Nightmare Before Christmas
Disney Parks
Marvel Films
Star Wars
Miniature Ornaments and Accessories

There are so many awesome ornaments to choose from, and there’s guaranteed to be something for any Disney fan! Which is your favorite ornament from this collection?