This week, Walt Disney World Resort announced that they would be closing to the public indefinitely. While many fans have taken this time to speculate on when they could reopen, there has been no certain deadline on when we could be back. Today, Walt Disney World announced that they would no longer be accepting reservations for April or May and would allow reservations again on June 1.

While June is still a long way away, there is a silver lining in all this! For guests that had reservations between now and May 31, there is an option to move their travel plans to later in the summer. Disney will also offer a special summer recovery dining package to guests if they move their vacations between June 1 and September 30. There is currently no word on if Disneyland will be following Walt Disney World’s suit.

While we don’t officially know anything about a reopening date, it seems that we could be back in Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort this summer! For now, Disney recommends to only call the help desks if your reservations are in the affected dates as they will be able to help guests move their travel plans quicker.

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