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Disneyland Resort Not Required to Comply with California’s Order Against Large Gatherings [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Today Disneyland Announced it would be closing due to concerns surrounding the Coronavirus. More details can be read here. [UPDATE]

Last night, California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a ban on large gatherings throughout the state. Many Disney fans were looking to the local theme park for some direction on what could happen next, as the park easily attracts more than 250 guests into the Disneyland Resort every single day. Today, it was announced that Disneyland Resort, as well as other large theme parks, would not be required to comply with the order against gatherings.

While it is still unknown if Disney will voluntarily make any changes to the daily practices of the resorts among the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo Disney Resorts closing for prolonged periods of time. At this time, it is not expected that Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort will be changing their days of operation.

Newsom spoke to executive chairman Bob Iger yesterday to get a better look at how Disneyland would impact the situation in the state of California. They made the decision together to have the resort stay exempt to the order against large gatherings. Governor Newsom then announced today in a press conference that Disneyland, as well as theaters and casinos, would be exempt from these orders due to the “complexity of their unique circumstances.”

We will continue to keep a close eye on the situations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort to make sure that guests stay safe and are able to enjoy the magic without concerns for their health. Be sure to follow us on our social media spaces so you don’t miss any of the news as it happens.

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