Soarin' Over California

Soarin’ Over California Cleared for Takeoff this February for a Limited Run

Soarin’ you are cleared for takeoff! In just a few short weeks, guests at Disney California Adventure Park will be soaring high above the state of California with Soarin’ Over California! This classic California Adventure attraction will return to the park for just about two months before it takes off once again.

The attraction will officially land in Grizzly Peak Airfield on February 28 and will stick around until April 21. The attraction’s return will coincide with Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, which is a returning favorite. The festival brings some classic cuisine from all around the state of California into booths for guests to enjoy. This year, they are also bringing back a beloved attraction!

Soarin’ Over California takes guests over the Golden Gate Bridge, Malibu, and even back to Disneyland in a whirlwind trip around the state! The attraction also features a beautiful score by Jerry Goldsmith, who had also written for Mulan and many Star Trek works. Though many fans have enjoyed Soarin’ Around the World, it is always a pretty special treat to see the original back in action!

This version of the attraction has also returned once before, last year. It was a short run but went over well enough for it to come back again this year! We hope that this becomes a bit of a tradition and we see it return again and again!

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