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Ink & Paint Collection Comes to World of Disney at Disneyland Resort

This weekend, Disney brought in an all-new collection that you can take everywhere with you! The Ink & Paint Collection features apparels, items for your home and kitchen that can make your everyday life just a bit more magical!

The entire collection is inspired by the art of Disney, so you’ll see a lot of paint cans combined with classic Disney characters. There are even pieces of merchandise that you can put your personal spin on! There is a backpack that is mostly black and white but comes with markers! This lets you color in the lines of some of your favorite classic film characters and make this item truly one of a kind!

There are also napkins, toothpick holders, and serveware that will make your dinner party unique! These bright and colorful options are going to make a lasting impact on your guests, or will just bring magic to your everyday life in your home! You can check out most of the Ink & Paint collection below! Want to grab something for yourself or someone you love? Head to World of Disney in Downtown Disney!

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  1. I’m thrilled to see the Ink & Paint Collection now available at World of Disney in Disneyland Resort – it’s the perfect blend of nostalgia and artistic flair for Disney enthusiasts like myself!

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