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Disneyland Tickets and Annual Pass Prices Increase for 2020

This morning, Disney fans noticed a change to Disneyland’s ticket structure. The Disneyland tickets and annual pass prices have gone up from last year, which has become a yearly occurrence. While this is something guests never look forward to, it is necessary for park maintenance and keeping the crowds at a somewhat manageable level. Here is a look at what prices raised to last January.

January 2019 Prices



1-Day Tickets

Value Tier, 1-Day: $104

Value Tier, 1-Day Park-Hopper: $154

1-Day Regular: $129

1-Day Regular Park Hopper $179

1-Day Peak: $149

1-Day Peak Park Hopper: $199

Annual Passports

Disney Southern California Select Passport: $399

Disney Deluxe Passport: $799
Disney Signature Passport: $1,149
Disney Signature Plus Passport: 1,399
Disney Premier Passport: $1,949
Something you will also notice is that Disneyland only had three tiers for daily tickets and park hoppers last year. You will notice this year, they have moved that structure to include five tiers based on crowd levels in the park. Now, let’s take a look at what the prices have come to as of this morning.

2020 Prices




Tier 1 -1 Day, 1 Park: $104 (Adults, Age 10+) $98 Child (Ages 3-9)

Tier 1 – 1 Day, Parkhopper: $159 (Adults) $153 (Child)

Tier 2 – 1 Day, 1 Park: $114 (Adult) $108 (child)

Tier 2 – 1 Day, Parkhopper. $169 (adult) $163 (Child)

Tier 3-  1 Day, 1 Park: $124 (Adult) $117 (Child)

Tier 3- 1 Day, Parkhopper: $179 (Adult) $172 (Child)

Tier 4 – 1 Day, 1 Park $139  (Adult) $132 (Child)

Tier 4 – 1 Day Parkhopper: $194 (Adult) $187 (Child)

Tier 5 – 1 Day, 1 Park: $154 (Adult) $146 (Child)

Tier 5 – 1 Day, Parkhopper: $209 (Adult) $201 (Child)

Annual Pass Prices

Southern California . Select: $419

Flex: $649

Deluxe: $829

Signature: $1199

Signature Plus: $1449

Premier: $2119

MaxPass add-on: $125

While it’s never fun to see the prices of Disneyland tickets and annual passes raising, it is something that is necessary for the resort to thrive. Be sure to catch our video below on exactly why this happens and why it must keep happening every year.


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