A Fairly Quiet Sunday - Sunday Recap Report

Sunday Recap Report – A Fairly Quiet Sunday

Mornings at the Disneyland Resort have been quite busy since Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened on January 17. Boarding groups are usually gone within minutes of Park opening. This causes some people leave the Park and return later depending on their boarding group assignment or leave in general if they didn’t get a boarding group.

I got to the Toy Story Parking Lot around 11:30am, and parked in the Bullseye section. After parking, I made my way to the bus pickup area and saw signs posted that ‘all boarding groups had been distributed’ for Rise of the Resistance.

As I approached security and the Disneyland entrance, lines were minimal which was great. After I entered Disneyland, I headed towards the Emporium to look for some souvenirs that we forget from our visit to Walt Disney World. My mom needed a couple of generic keychains so I bought them along with a Brer Rabbit Park Pal. Park Pals are fairly new to Disney Parks. They hold on to you or your favorite accessories.

From there, I headed to Disneyana where Jenny was talking to our friend Annie. We then walked around Main Street browsing through the shops and checking our some new treats. Soon after, spotted Mr. DAPs, Caitie, and Luke in Town Square watching the Main Street March at the Train Station.

We then headed to Market House for some drinks before heading to Galaxy’s Edge. We took some photos near one of the soda droids, which was fun! While there, Mr. DAPs got ‘questioned’ by a stormtrooper. It was quite funny! Rise of the Resistance was the place to be as people were waiting for their boarding group to be called. The attraction was down at the time we passed as many cast members were out front.

Soon after, we made our way out of Galaxy’s Edge and headed towards Coke Corner. Along the way, we stopped by Haunted Mansion. This attraction is currently for an extended refurbishment,  and will reopen in the Spring. At the front gate, you will find concept art as well as a sign used in the early days of the Haunted Mansion.

We were now at Coke Corner where we got some snacks while enjoying a round of Musical Chairs. It’s hosted by the Mad Hatter, which is always fun! After musical chairs, we chatted with the Mad Hatter. He thought that there should be a virtual queue for Mad Tea Party. We definitely got a good laugh out of that!

We then made our way to Disney California Adventure and sat at our favorite place – Sonoma Terrace. It’s a nice place to relax and people watch. And after some time here, it was time for dinner. I went to the Studio Catering Company food truck in Hollywood Land, and ordered The Backlot Nachos and a Frozen Pineapple Horchata.

The nachos were good, but the frozen pineapple horchata was okay. It could have just been called a pineapple slush. One thing to note is that Annual Passholders get their discount here so if you’re looking for a quick snack or meal, be sure to check it out.

After dinner, some of our group left for the day while the rest of us continued on to Disneyland. Caitie and I stopped at Gibson Girl to get ice cream. We then walked around the Hub before heading off to Tomorrowland.

We were excited to check out the Tomorrowland Dance Party but sadly it wasn’t happening. So we sat there for awhile. Then it was off to Galaxy’s Edge one last time before calling it a night. On our way there, we saw the Carrousel under refurbishment. This is another big project happening at Disneyland right now.

On our way out of the Park, we stopped in Town Square to take some photos of the flowers. The flower beds are definitely vibrant right now, and it’s definitely nice to see.

Overall, it was a good day at the Disneyland Resort. Right now, the busiest time is Park opening as many are trying to get their Rise of the Resistance boarding group. But even if you miss out on a boarding group, there is still plenty to do in the Parks. It might just be the perfect time to visit.


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