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Shanghai Disney Resort Announces New Pricing Structure

An announcement on the Shanghai Disney Resort is giving guests plenty of time to plan for new prices coming to the resort. The new prices will be arriving at Shanghai Disney Resort on June 6, 2020. Following the pricing adjustment, prices will be divided into a four tiered pricing structure. The four tiers will be Regular, Regular Plus, Peak and Peak Plus.

Along with announcing the new pricing structure, Shanghai Disney also shared that they will be sharing its pricing calendar from 30 – 90 days in advance to allow for guests to plan.

What do you think of Shanghai Disney Resort announcing changes to prices this far in advance of the changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Shanghai Disney Resort Announcement:

The following is a public notice of a pricing structure and rate adjustment for Shanghai Disneyland admission, which will take effect on June 6, 2020.

Starting June 6, 2020, Shanghai Disney Resort will move from its current three-tiered pricing structure for admission to Shanghai Disneyland to a new four-tiered pricing structure – Regular, Regular Plus, Peak and Peak Plus, with the following rates:

  • “Regular” price of admission to Shanghai Disneyland will remain unchanged and continue to be set at 399 RMB, covering the majority of winter and autumn;
  • “Regular Plus” will cover the majority of spring and selected weekends and its price of admission is set at 499 RMB;
  • “Peak” price of admission, which covers the majority of summer season, selected holiday periods and selected weekends, is set at 599 RMB;
  • “Peak Plus” price of admission mostly encompasses super peak Chinese statutory holiday period and selected internationally-recognized celebrations, and is set at 699 RMB.

Starting on May 6, 2020, a calendar showing the application of the above price tiers for the following 90-day period, beginning June 6, 2020, will be available on Shanghai Disney Resort’s official platforms, and thereafter the calendar will continue to be provided on a rolling 90-day basis.

All tickets will continue to be date-specific and only valid for admission on the date for which they have been purchased. A discount of approximately 25% will continue to be provided to children (aged 3 to 11 years old, both inclusive; or with a height above 1.0 meter and up to 1.4 meters), seniors (65 years old and above) and guests with disabilities (certificate/proof of disability is required). Infants (under the age of 3 years old or with a height of 1.0 meter and below) will continue to receive free admission.

A ticket to Shanghai Disneyland provides a full day of quality family entertainment and immersive storytelling experiences. One ticket provides admission and access to all of the attractions and entertainment at the seven themed lands inside the theme park (except for special services, facilities and events that require a separate charge).

As Shanghai Disney Resort continues to learn and develop more innovative products since its opening three years ago to better reflect local consumer visitation habits, the new four-tiered pricing structure will allow us to even more effectively spread visitation throughout the year and maximize guest experience. It also provides guests with an even wider range of options, enabling them to make choices based on their differing needs, while retaining the base tier price level at 399 RMB and adjusting the price from 575 RMB to 499 RMB for selected weekends. In addition, guests will now have visibility of the admission pricing calendar extended from 30 to 90 days, to allow more sufficient time for guests to plan their trip to the park.

Current pricing structure for Shanghai Disneyland is as follows (valid for visitation until June 5, 2020):



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