Marvel Studios Box Office – #2 of Top 5 Disney Stories of the Decade

In the countdown of the top stories of Disney in this decade, it gets harder to funnel down to what was the biggest.  So, I’ll admit there is some condensing in these last two stories in order to contain the impact of them.  This second place to the biggest story is one that has really changed things not just for Disney but the whole movie industry.

Though Marvel was obtained before the decade and the first film produced from Marvel Studios was before it as well, the significance of the films really took place between 2010 and 2019.  Here’s why…

Super Hero Sized Box Office

It was easy to see that the first few Marvel Studios movies would have huge box office numbers because of their popularity and quality.  But, there was skepticism on whether it could be sustained.  It was especially iffy with some obscure characters like Ant-Man having films produced.  Yet, the films yielded huge numbers worldwide.  Even the cap to the whole Infinity saga, Avengers: Endgame (sorry Far From Home), has the record for all-time box office sales.  It’s clear that the popularity and dollar significance of the movies is nothing to dismiss.

Black Panther PosterBlack Panther

Amidst the comic book films, there was one that even yielded an Academy Award nomination.  It is the first “super-hero” film to be nominated for an Oscar.  So, not only are these films yielding high grosses, but the quality is sometimes enough to be recognized as some of the highest of the year.  It certainly changes the tide for future comic book-based films, and we’re starting to see that already.

Park Legacy

Marvel films have spilled over to the Disney parks.  It seemed inevitable, but it was all still dependent on how well the films would do.  By now, it is seen as cultural icons and so popular that many want to see their favorite Marvel characters in the parks.  It has enabled attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout, the Iron Man Experience, and a future Avengers Campus at two parks!  With these coming to the parks, Marvel is now a somewhat permanent institution that was brought through spectacular films.

So what is to be the top story?  Find out tomorrow.  And, in the meantime, here is some of the coverage we’ve had on Marvel films:

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