Asian Street Eats Has Surprise Opening at Downtown Disney on New Year’s Eve

A new eatery has just opened at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.  Asian Street Eats is a quick service stand by the former Rainforest Café.  It’s with a few recipes by Chef Hung Huynh, and is operated by Earl Enterprises who also has Earl of Sandwich in the Downtown Disney District.  A soft opening happened toward the evening on New Year’s Eve.  It had been said to be opening early next year and ended up barely serving in 2019.

The stand has guests put their order at one register on the left.  Then drinks are accessible in small refrigerators under the windows looking into the kitchen.  After that, a pick up window with the pay registers is the final stop.  It’s a quick process with small wait times on the food.  Although, there was not much of a line to get the food at this time.

The menu has a few items with variations to order.  Mixed bowls contains either purple rice or mixed greens and has a variety of vegetables.  Scallion pancake wraps contains cabbage and onions and other vegetable items with hoisin sauce and a spicy Sriracha aioli.  Both the bowl and wrap has choices of either chicken, beef short rib, or tofu.  Sauces are available for the bowl including miso honey, teriyaki, spicy teriyaki, spicy avocado, sesame citrus soy, and sriracha aioli.  There are also pot stickers with a ginger soy sauce in either chicken or vegetable form.  Kids meals are also available.

I was able to try the beef scallion pancake wrap and vegetable pot sticker.  The pot sticker had a great flavor, and the sauce was a good soy sauce flavor to it.  It all was not sweet as some pot stickers can be for me.  This had just the right flavoring to it.  The wrap was excellent, with tender sweet tasting beef and a good spicy sauce.  The wrap was done just right where it was soft and easy to bite, but held everything well.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the beef was.  It’s like it melted in my mouth it was so flavorful and tender.

This is a wonderful addition to Downtown Disney and is very nice that it is quick serve.  It is worth the walk from the parks to have some great recipes of somewhat common fare.  I’m looking forward to eating it again!

UPDATE: I had forgotten to mention before that there is a 15% Annual Passholder discount.  Note that it is sometimes subject to change, and this was on New Year’s Eve.