A recent study on dog names inspired by Disney characters led to some interesting conclusions. This comes ahead of the release of Lady and the Tramp on Disney+ on November 12th. With the release of the remake of this animated classic, one might think that Lady would be the most popular Disney dog name. However, that is not the case.

The survey came from the Fi Smart Dog Collar in honor of the release of Lady and the Tramp on Disney +. The results were a little surprising. Neither Lady or the Tramp were the top dogs when it came to Disney dog names. A study of over 1.6 million dogs determined that the most popular Disney dog name is actually not from a dog at all! Instead, it came from a duck. Here is a look at the top five Disney dog names:

  1. Daisy
  2. Lady
  3. Zeus
  4. Belle
  5. Mickey

It is interesting to note that Daisy garnered 21% of the dogs in Fi’s database. Lady, in second place, only made up 5.1% of their database. There were also other Disney character names that popped up including Zazu and Lumiere.

Do you have a dog named after a Disney character? If so, what is its name? Share in the comments below! What is your favorite Disney dog name?