Disneyland is set to unveil a new pilot program around Fastpasses in Tomorrowland in the near future. The new FastPass program will have one centralized location as the hub for three attractions in Tomorrowland’s FastPasses. This includes Space Mountain, Star Tours, and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Along with the new centralized location, paper FastPasses reminders will no longer be given either.

The new FastPass location will be located outside of the Tomorrowland Theater. Instead of paper FastPasses, all FastPasses will be digital. They will be linked to the Disneyland App. For those who don’t use the app, a picture can be taken of the digital FastPass on the kiosk screen. This system will be free, just as the paper FastPasses have been.

The goal of this pilot program will be to see how guests respond to this new completely digital system. If it proves to be popular, expect to see more of these centralized FastPass kiosk locations to spring up from around the park. This continues the trend towards digital that the Disneyland Resort has already been moving. In 2017, Disney MaxPass was unveiled. For $15, guests could book FastPasses digitally via the Disneyland app. This function is also available to the Signature and Premiere Annual Passports. There will still be paper FastPasses that are free throughout the rest of the Disneyland Resort.

Currently, with 85 percent of guests using the Disneyland app, going digital makes more sense. The centralized kiosks free up space throughout the parks for other use. Digital is also quicker than guests walking from attraction to attraction to get paper FastPasses.

What do you think of this pilot program? Is it a good use of resources? Share your thoughts in the comments below!