This week most of the news surrounding the Walt Disney World Resort has been focused on Hurricane Dorian. However, as the storm mainly passed the Walt Disney World Resort without causing too many disruptions. As the storm continued past the Walt Disney World Resort, Cast Members were kept busy preparing for the storm to arrive. This included the  Animals, Science and Environment Cast Members at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Eland herd grew by one this week. As the storm departed, this new little one arrived. Named Doppler, because of the storm, the gender isn’t known yet. The Walt Disney World Resort shared some photos of Doppler just hours after being birthed.

Doppler was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as part of the species survival plan. This was done in partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Currently, the mother and calf are bonding well. Soon, the calf will get a neonatal exam to determine Doppler’s weight, height, and gender. For now, the mother and calf will remain backstage for several weeks. Eventually, they will join the herd out on the savannah at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.