There are many places to watch fireworks at the Disneyland Resort. The obvious spots are Main Street, USA and in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Other locations that are also quite nice are it’s a small world and the Rivers of America. On Sunday night, the DAPS MAGIC crew watched the Halloween Screams fireworks show from in front of it’s a small world.

it’s a small world is an excellent location to watch the fireworks from, particularly Halloween Screams. The projections look fantastic on the front of the facade. Combine this with the fireworks both in front and behind (pyro shot from around the castle) the viewing area and it is an immersive viewing space.

During the week, Halloween Screams is presented solely as a projection show. The fireworks are added on the weekend. For both of these presentations, it’s a small world is a great place to watch. It generally doesn’t attract the same crowds that Main Street, USA, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the Rivers of America do. It also is a place that one can show up for the show just a few minutes before if not being in the front row isn’t a concern.

Here is a look at Halloween Screams from in front of it’s a small world on Sunday night. What do you think of the view? Have you watched from there before? Will you at some point in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below!