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“Epcot Forever” will be making its debut performance on October 1 at World Showcase Lagoon. This new nighttime spectacular will be brought to life with a spark of imagination that features fireworks, lasers, water, illuminated kites, and special effects.

This show will take guests on a journey through the past, present, and future of Epcot, featuring a stirring collection of songs that paint a colorful picture of the Park, with a look towards the future and all of the magical possibilities still to come.

Disney Parks Live Entertainment Show Director Alan Bruun says, “music is the soul of the show because music has been the soul of Epcot ever since it began.”

The show will feature songs we all know and love including “Magic Journeys,” “Tomorrow’s Child,” “Listen to the Land,” “One Little Spark,” and many other Epcot classics and favorites. Each Pavilion at Epcot had its own theme song when the Park first opened, and while those themes aren’t necessarily heard as often as in the early days, hearing those songs in “Epcot Forever” will definitely bring back lots of memories for many guests. The show features fresh, new arrangements recorded by the legendary London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. Vocals were performed by a talented choir of singers from across Central Florida, and of course there is a children’s choir featured as well.

In terms of show elements, Bruun says that “Epcot Forever” is “made up of elements that have been a part of nighttime spectaculars here at Epcot since the even beginning. Fireworks, of course, but also lasers and lighting. And we’re adding things like illuminated kites, which have never been seen in this way before.”

When speaking about the illuminated kites and special effects, Bruun also says that “technology is tremendously important, but only if it serves human emotion. Our goal is to take these beautiful illuminated kites that become these creatures that are floating high above the Lagoon. We want that to touch the heart in a way which is going to be special and unique.”

“Epcot Forever” debuts October 1, and Mr. DAPs will be there to cover the opening night. Video will be posted on the DAPS MAGIC YouTube page.

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