A Tale of Two Lands - Star Wars_ Galaxy's Edge

A Tale of Two Lands – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This week Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This comes several months after it opened at the Disneyland Resort at California. Just like in California, the Walt Disney World Resort version has the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction. It also will have Rise of the Resistance later this year. Guests can visit Oga’s Cantina, shop in the marketplace, or dine on a Ronto Wrap at both locations. For all intents and purposes, the California and the Florida version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are exactly the same.

There are a few subtle differences though. Part of this is due to the location of the land in each respective park. Part of it is also due to the differences in climate between Florida and California. In Florida, the colors are more vibrant than found in California. There are also some other subtle differences in the decor of the land. On top of that, the X-Wing and A-Wing that are found in the Resistance camp apparently landed at a different time than in California as they are in different locations. All of this could be attributed to a difference in the timeline of the two lands. The variance seems to be just a few days.

DAPS MAGIC correspondent Mikey Really Likey stopped by Disney’s Hollywood Studios to film a walkthrough of the land. Take a look at his video and then check out the walk-through filmed in Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In the comments below, share the differences you notice!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Walk-Through at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Walk-Through at Disneyland

What do you think of the differences? Which version do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!