Gordon Goodwin Brings Jazzy Stylings to the Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band

Last week, I had the pleasure of enjoying the talents of Gordon Goodwin and the Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band (AACB) perform at the Hollywood Backlot stage. Like the young musicians that make up this incredible band, Goodwin also had an early start at the Disneyland Resort. This past Thursday (7/25), Goodwin shared of his humble beginnings that included playing for the Mickey Mouse club, when it had members such as Britney and Christina. The problem was that while he really enjoyed jazz and learned that you can’t just add jazz to everything. Later on in 2000, Goodwin formed the Big Phat Band and now can add his swinging compositions mixed into various musical styles to the benefit of all who are lucky enough to discover his music.

This week’s performance started off with the AACB performing a jazzy rendition of “When You Wish Upon A Star”, after which Gordon Goodwin was introduced and led the band in 4 wonderful tunes. The first of these is called “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and featured Goodwin on the saxophone, along with a couple of members of the band shining as they are apt to do. Next, Gordon drove home a point that you should always be ready when he shared how his music became a part of the Jim Carrey movie named “The Majestic”. The set rounded out with “La Almeja Pequeña” and “A Few Good Men”, featuring some more fantastic solos and stories from Goodwin.

If you are interested in rolling on the floor laughing about Goodwin, Sal Lozano, and others rolling on the floor laughing during a performance, listen to the story he shares at the end of “Blues In The Bucket” in the video below. When Goodwin finally revealed the reason why, I found myself working hard to keep the camera steady as waves of uncontrollable giggles started permeating through my body!

After this outstanding performance from so many extremely gifted musicians, I can only know that I was left filled with the happiness an experience like this can bring, yet wished that somehow the experience could continue. While Goodwin’s time with the AACB is done this year, the band can still be found performing for a little longer, so make the effort to enter Disneyland’s gates and be a part of the unique and magical experience that this band can offer. Their high energy and superb skills make for an experience that will last a lifetime and I for one will be back for more before this year’s run is up! Then I hope you will join me in reliving the memories through the videos and pictures that take me right back to those captivating moments this marvelous band brings time and again! See you in the park!

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Blue in the Bucket

La Almeja Pequeña

A Few Good Men

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