Disneyland Paris Kicks Off The Lion King and Jungle Festival

This Saturday, June 29, 2019, Disneyland Paris officially launched the Lion King and Jungle Festival. This unique festival gives new life to two Disney masterpieces acclaimed in Europe: The Lion King and The Jungle Book. Announced until September 22, 2019, it offers an immersive experience never seen before with new shows created especially for Disney Parks but also exclusive products, a new catering offer … and much more!

Celebrities have gone on an adventure at Disneyland Park to discover the story-like novelties in the African savannah of Simba and Nala, as well as in the Indian jungle of Baloo and King Louie. Heidi Klum met Minnie in her adventurous costume as it can be found in the new show The Rhythm of the Jungle . The top model also had fun picking up “Hakuna Matata” at the tamtam with the musicians who are performing right now at the Djembe Joy Village.

The actor Jean Reno who had lent his voice to Mufasa in the French version of the masterpiece The Lion King in 1994 was delighted to see the story of Simba sublimated 25 years later in the new show “The Lion King and Rhythms of the earth “. He took the opportunity to cheer on the troupe that plays every day in the new Frontierland Theater.

Tennis champion Serena Williams also made a point of shouting out her love for The Lion King and feasted on posing with Timon and Rafiki. World champion Antoine Griezmann amused himself by finding his childhood heroes Baloo and King Louie, humming the inevitable classic “It takes little to be happy” …

Many other celebrities have responded to the call of the jungle and the savannah of Disneyland Paris: Katie Holmes, Carolina Maigret, Iris Mittenaere, Soprano, Jean-Paul RouveNoémie Lenoir, Francisco Lachowski, Arnaud Ducret, Daphne Bürki, Waly Dia, or Arthur. They were able to discover in preview all the novelties of the Lion King Festival and the Jungle, presented below. 

Shows: Two Disney masterpieces will come to life at Disneyland Paris

To quote the fearsome Scar, “be prepared” to vibrate to the rhythms of the African savannah and the Indian jungle with the two great new shows: “The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth” and “The Rhythm of the jungle”.

“The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth  ” at Frontierland Theater

The famous Lion King music that has rocked several generations are revisited in this new show created by Disneyland Paris to tell the legend of Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Mufasa, Scar, Timon and Pumbaa.

Singers, dancers, acrobats and percussionists give a new dimension to the Land of Lions with choreographies and original costumes. This show is also “chansigné” in French sign language every weekend. The chansigné is a form of expression that choreographs the movements and allows to transcribe as well the lyrics as the intensity and the emotion of a song. 

The emotion promises to be at the rendezvous with new spectacular paintings to the rhythm of the following songs:

The Circle of Life

I can not wait to be king

Be Prepared

Hakuna Matata


Can You Feel the Love Tonight

He Lives in You

Endless Night

Busa / King of Pride Rock

The Rhythm of the Jungle ” with Baloo & Cie in front of the Castle

This other great original creation celebrates The Jungle Book in the heart of Disneyland Park. She proposes to embark on an immersive journey filled with colors and discoveries, through the Indian jungle. The show “The Rhythm of the Jungle” takes place at Central Plaza, in front of the Castle of the Sleeping Beauty. He invites the audience to have fun with Baloo and King Louie, and of course Mickey and his friends who become the explorers of the season. They are accompanied by artists from India and invite little and big children to swing to the sound of the popular songs “The Bare Necessities” and “I Wanna Be Like You” But also to be surprised by a new bewitching version of the title “Trust in Me” of Serpent Kaa …

Interactions with the heroes of the Lion King Festival and The Jungle

Dancing with Timon and Pumbaa with Timon’s “MataDance”

Timon and Pumbaa have prepared their own big event in Adventureland. Their mission? Introduce everyone to the philosophy of carefree. Accompanied by dancers, they invite visitors to dance with them and thus teach the most fun choreography of the savannah: the Timon’s “MataDance”!

A village dedicated to the Jungle Book

The new Djembe Joy Village in Frontierland offers an immersive and interactive experience dedicated to the great Disney classics. This picturesque, African-inspired village welcomes visitors every day until 2 pm for unforgettable musical encounters and the opportunity to interact with King Louie, the mythical orangutan of the Jungle Book. Finally, the “Djembe Academy” offers an introduction to the traditional djembe. 

A global immersion experience in the world of the Lion King and the Jungle Book

A unique catering offer for young and old explorers

The world of the Lion King and Jungle Festival is taking over the restoration of Disneyland Paris with many options for all tastes and desires. Small and big explorers can enjoy a sweet break with Simba ice cream with exotic fruit flavors at Hakuna Matata restaurant or sandblasted lions feet. But not only…. The Hakuna Matata restaurant offers an all-season dining experience with an African-inspired dish, where Rafiki and Mickey in special explorers’ outfits can meet visitors. The restaurant offers a meal  Délices de la Savane composed of the African Plate(also available in vegan version) as well as Ice paradise exotic.

A shopping experience dedicated to the adventures of Simba and more

The Lion King and Jungle Festival proposes to discover several merchandising ranges specially developed for the occasion. More than a hundred products related to the themes of the Lion King and the Book and Jungle are available in shops.

The Curious Giraffe in Adventureland is the one that offers the largest selection of reference under the same roof. New products are also dedicated to the new show ”  The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth  “, as well as fashion and lifestyle products centered on the emblematic character of a generation: Simba. The hero has also inspired Richard Orlinski: the internationally renowned sculptor has created an unprecedented figure of the young Simba (17cm, 59.99 €) which will be sold in limited series to Disneyland Paris from 17 July. 

Signature Experience The Lion King Limited Edition

A new privileged experience on Lions Land is possible thanks to the Lion King Signature Experience. For 99 € per person, visitors can enjoy all the following benefits:

– A privileged placement for the show The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth

– A session of traditional djembes interactive by the musicians

– A private meeting with Minnie in her new adventurer costume

– A lunch in the presence of Rafiki & Mickey in a costume created especially for the occasion at the restaurant Hakuna Matata

– A souvenir mug of the Lion King collector’s edition with a drink per person

– A gift card of 15 € per person to spend in the shops and restaurants of Disney® Parks

– A surprise message from Simba

This limited edition experience can be added to a stay for arrivals from June 30 to September 20, 2019.

The Lion King and Jungle Festival takes place at Disneyland Paris from June 30 to September 22, 2019. More information at disneylandparis.com.

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