The Piano Guys are known for their performances of iconic songs in iconic locations on YouTube. With over six and a half million subscribers on YouTube, they have gotten very creative with their videos. Their newest video takes The Piano Guys to the Walt Disney World Resort and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There, they perform the theme to Avatar in Pandora – The World of Avatar.

The video puts the musicians in the midst of the floating mountains as they create some pretty incredible music. Jon Schmidt plays the piano and Steven Sharp Nelson is on the cello as they perform the music originally written by James Horner. Avatar was released to theaters in 2009 and was directed by James Cameron.

The Piano Guys told Variety, “Working with Disney inside the imagination that thrives in Disney World was a dream come true for us. We felt immersed in magic. And to simultaneously pay tribute to the master musician James Horner was also a humbling opportunity. Inspired by Disney’s innately limitless creativity, we included some creative elements of our own that we’ve never before attempted, including the first ever ‘bioluminescent’ cello and piano keyboard! We felt we were experiencing ‘Avatar in real life’ as we performed Mr. Horner’s theme in front of the majestic floating mountains and bathed in the light of Pandora’s bioluminescence. It was an experience unlike any other and we hope people who watch and listen feel the same spirit of boundless imagination we felt as played.

What do you think of this performance? The Piano Guys will be going on tour from August to December. Details can be found at