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New Enhancements Come to Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World as Service Celebrates Milestone.

The Minnie Van service at Walt Disney World Resort is celebrating the milestone of having transported 1 million guests. With this milestone comes a whole new era of magic for the ridesharing service at Walt Disney World.

Disney has announced that Lyft, which operates the service, is now the official rideshare of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Along with this announcement came news that there will be new enhancements coming for the service as well. As Disney and Lyft collaborate, these new enhancements will be unveiled to guests this fall. They include updates to the Walt Disney World Resort, making it easier to hail a Minnie Van ride. The updates will also make it possible for guests to request a Minnie Van that will be wheelchair accessible. The updates will also make it easier to find a convenient pickup location.

The Minnie Van service was unveiled at the Walt Disney World Resort in 2017. It allows guests to traverse the Walt Disney World Resort with ease and independence. What do you think about this milestone for the service and the coming updates? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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