Chip 'n' Dale Series

New Chip ‘n’ Dale Series Coming to Disney+

There is a new Chip ‘n’ Dale series coming to Disney+. Chip ‘n’ Dale originally were created in 1943 at Walt Disney Productions. They appeared in many cartoons, quite often foiling the efforts of Donald Duck. Now they will be getting a reboot through the collaboration of Disney’s London-based animation team along with Xilam Animation based in Paris. The new series will be produced by Xilam, which is a world-renowned independent production studio that has won many awards. Xilam is known for visual invention and cartoon comedy. It is also the studio behind Paprika and Mr. Magoo.

There will be 39 seven-minute episodes made for the return of this chipmunk duo. The premise for their return is two chipmunk troublemakers living in the big city and facing all the ups and downs that come with that. The stories will be told, “in a non-verbal, classic style comedy.” The new Chip ‘n’ Dale series will combine traditional animation style with contemporary, comedic narratives. It will be directed by Jean Cayrol and produced by Marc du Pontavice.