Language Guide: Learning the Lingo of Batuu at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

When visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge guests will find that there are a few language variances from what they are used to. This is because on Batuu, while the language is similar to that of most of the guests, it also has some differences. For those preparing to visit Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, DAPS MAGIC has a list of a few of the words and phrases that will be heard. Check them out here:

  • “Bright Suns” = “Good Morning”
  • “Rising Moons” = “Good Evening”
  • “On Planet” = In the Land
  • “Refresher” = “Bathroom”
  • “Hydrator” = “Water Fountain”
  • “Ignite the Spark” = Greeting for the Resistance
  • “Light the Fire” = A Resistance callback to “Ignite the Spark”
  • “Only the ancients know” = “I don’t know”
  • “Til the Spire” = “Farewell”
  • “Good journey” = An Informal Goodbye
  • “May the Spires Keep You” = A Formal Goodbye

The next time you visit Batuu, give some of these phrases and words a try with the locals! You can also get to know them and learn about their backstories while visiting. It truly adds to the richness of the experience of visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!