Aladdin - Naomi Scott & Mena Massoud

Enjoy Your Peek at “Speechless” Straight from Disney’s Aladdin In Theaters Now

Disney’s Aladdin has really left us speechless! After a truly incredible opening weekend, Aladdin continues to delight fans around the world. Keep reading to see your inside look at a piece of the film, which you can still see in theaters now!

“Speechless” has been an incredibly welcome addition to the Aladdin story. It shows Jasmine as the liberated figure she has always embodied and gives her story more depth than ever before. Naomi Scott brings all the raw emotion to the role that it demands. It has definitely become a fan favorite song! Be sure to check out the clip from the film below!

Just can’t get enough of the newest hit? Catch this special look inside the creation of the song with Disney Legend Alan Menken, Justin Paul, and Benji Pasek. The collaboration brought about this exciting new song in a traditional Disney fashion. It is amazing what can happen when you revisit a classic tale!

What did you think of the newest song in Aladdin? Be sure to catch it in theaters now before it grabs a magic carpet and flies away! Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think!