Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Has Successful Opening at the Disneyland Resort

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open at the Disneyland Resort. This morning thousands of fans descended on the resort to both visit the land and also purchase merchandise. Some spent the night waiting in line for merchandise. Others got up at the crack of dawn to be among the first to visit the largest expansion ever at the Disneyland Resort.

Registration for the first group of guests to enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge began around 6:00 AM. Before then, guests were allowed into Disneyland. Some were sent to the merchandise queue on the left, others went to the right if they were in the 8:00 Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reservation group. Reservations were processed in the lower flower of Star Wars Launch Bay. The process went smoothly and quickly. Guests continued to move forward throughout the process and there was an electricity of excitement in the air. Once guests had received their reservations, they were allowed to hop into the merchandise line. Merchandise was being sold on the second floor of Star Wars Launch Bay.

Soon, guests found themselves waiting outside between the Monorail and Matterhorn as they waited to be led into the new land. As a light mist came down, Disneyland Resort President Josh D’Amaro made his way into the crowd to talk with guests and take photos. Around 7:40, the line finally began to move forward. It serpentined around the Matterhorn and through Fantasyland before leading to the middle entrance of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. About ten minutes before 8:00, a countdown began and guests were let in early!

As Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge began to fill with guests, the whole land came alive. On either side of the entry pathway, Cast Members cheered for and gave high fives to guests who were entering. Further, in the land, the inhabitants of Batuu went about their daily lives as the new reality of having the First Order and the Resistance at Black Spire Outpost was realized… along with all of these other off worlders (guests) who were now in their home.

Many guests hopped into line for the Cantina, others made their way to Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, and still a third popular destination was Savi’s Workshop where lightsabers could be built. There were also plenty of places to shop, eat, take photos, and just soak in what it is like to experience the Star Wars universe in a completely new way.

Throughout the day guests continued to rave about the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Reservations registration continued to flow smoothly. Guests were able to get into the new land without spending all of their time waiting in line. And to top it all off, the weather cooperated! The Force was strong with the Disneyland Resort on the opening day of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and if the first day was any indication, Batuu is going to be a very popular destination!

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